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My role in our relationship will be similar to that of the sailor in the crow’s nest. I am not there to steer the ship nor am I there to read the compass or do soundings. I am there to keep a watch out for storms or pirates on the horizon and to keep an eye on the distant shore.

The services rendered by Pe†erspective will focus on assisting management in the recognition and handling of compromises being made to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information critical to business continuity.

Strategic Direction
• Business Continuity Plan

Market Analysis
• Policy and Practice Review

• System Set Up and Review
• Management Reporting

• Policy Review
• Compliance Testing
• Control Adequacy

As I speak with prospective clients about potential consultation, there are often questions about the time and personnel involvement. For most businesses without full-time information security staff, this is a relatively new discipline and approach. The following outline is one possible scenario for our working together in minimize the risks that threaten your critical resources. To see how the outline might be modified to fit your situation, please click here to contact me.

Initial Conference
• Core Management Team
J.L. Peters - Facilitator
• Critical Resources
• Risk Recognition
• Assignments

First Follow Up
• Core Management Team
J.L. Peters - Facilitator
• Preparation of Risk Cost Analysis & Review of Controls
Additions Policy/Procedure Review Agenda for Future

Potential Engagement(s)
• Reality Check - Unknown Compromises
• Departmental Practice Review
• Social Engineering
• Best Practice Implementation

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