Who Matters?

Who? Is critical to your success

I challenge you to track everything you do that is important to your business for one week. Then write down the name of the person who would have done that were you not there.

Do you have labor agreements? Who makes those work – both on your staff and at the union hall? Write down the names.

Are your products price-sensitive? Who does your purchasing? Who are your major vendor reps? Write down those names.

What was the latest major change at your company? Who was the Instigator? Who was the Implementer? Who was the Enabler? Write down those names.

I get very anxious when _____________ calls in sick. They haven’t been able to take a real vacation for years. Fill in the blank.

Who’s responsible for maintaining the relationship with your largest customer? Write down the name.

Who would do the most damage if they went to the competition? Write down the name.

Who have you thrown money at each year for fear they might leave? Write down the name.

All of these people are critical to the continued success of your business. What can you do to make sure they would continue with the company under new ownership? Hint: Money alone is not the correct answer.

Jim Peters
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The instant a private thought is communicated to another in any form, compromises begin to be made in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information shared. Yet the appropriate sharing of information is critical to the operation and success of every organization. The purpose of our relationship will be for me to assist with the safeguarding of the information critical to the continuation of your business. My role in our relationship will be similar to that of the sailor in the crow’s nest. I am not there to steer the ship nor am I there to read the compass or do soundings. I am there to keep a watch out for storms or pirates on the horizon and to keep an eye on the distant shore.

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